Weight: no weight recorded today

Sleep: 7.5 hours straight through; woke up a little tired

Yesterday I made a pretty good snack, it was bacon wrapped dates. It only took maybe 20 minutes and you can make a ton of them and save them for later. It was a sweet and salty combination with a nice crunch.



Crossfit Workout:

Perform the following for 6 total rounds for TIME & MAX LOAD…
10 Lateral Barbell Jump Burpees (Has to be a two footed jump, not a prance)
1 Overhead Squat (No Rack Allowed)
* There will be a 60 second time cap for each round and a 3 minute rest period between each round for you to decide how much weight you would like to add onto the barbell.

Round 1: 125#; 38 seconds

Round 2: 140#; 42 seconds

Round 3: 145#; 46 seconds

Round 4: 150# 48 seconds

Round 5: 155#; failed

Round 6: 155#; 58 seconds

I felt good throughout the workout. I rushed round 5 when I had a ton of time left so I think that’s why I ended up missing that rep. After the workout my cousin and I did some back squat work.

3 x 5 reps: 205#, 215#, 225#; I haven’t squatted since before break so it felt weird. I will need to max out my back squat next week to figure out strength program weights.

For about the past week I’ve felt pretty tired throughout the day. I think this feeling is finally going away (I hope), so I’m happy about that. Also, from NYE to Thursday I had a lot of cravings for non-paleo food. Yesterday these cravings seemed to subside and they are nonexistent today.