For dinner today I made a bacon, grape, and broccoli salad (; I also used their paleo mayonnaise website and made it a bacon mayonnaise since I already had the bacon fat from the salad. It was pretty good, not great though. I think it’d be better as a light snack or something. It didn’t have enough protein for my dinner meal so I ended up eating a few eggs as a snack.

Day 11 Ratings:

Energy:  6/10 (1 being dead tired; 10 being off the walls energetic)

  • I was pretty sluggish all day today. It’s kind of disappointing because I’ve been like that the past couple days. I hope getting a good night’s sleep tonight will help but really I haven’t been lacking sleep so we will see.

Quality of Workout: 6.5/10 (1 being a horrible workout; 10 being a fantastic workout)

  • Not being able to string together DU’s really hurt me on this workout and made it so I didn’t get as good of one. 

Hunger: 7/10 (1 being starving throughout day; 10 being fully satiated)

  • I got hungry pretty quickly after lunch and then again after dinner. I’m thinking I’ll eat more for my snacks to help with this so I’m eating a consistent amount throughout the day.

Yesterday and today were a couple of bummer days. I didn’t feel 100% even though my diet has been pretty clean. Now that the holidays are over I’m hoping to get on a more consistent schedule and I think that will help.