Weight: 160.5#; this is the first day I’ve seen an increase in weight since I started. I’m hoping to stay right around 160# but even if I gain weight I’ll be fine with that.

Sleep: 8 hours; I was really tired when I went to bed last night and basically just passed out for the full 8 hours, not waking up even once.


Last night I stayed up and made a meat crust quiche (suggested by Claire; http://paleomg.com/meat-crust-quiche/). I had some strawberries, an avocado, and a slice of the quiche for breakfast. The quiche is really good. It’s got a sweet and salty thing going for it with the meat and the sweet potatoes.




Today is kind of a forced rest day from Crossfit (since the gym is closed). I’ll just be doing some light mobility and stretching exercises.