Hum the 12 Days Of Christmas while performing the WOD for today…
1 Wall Walk (Try to go nose to wall & walk back out under control)
2 Power Snatches (95#)
3 Strict Chin Ups
4 Barbell Squats (Front OR Back)(95#)
5 Burpee Barbell Double Jumps (Burpee then jump over your bar & back before the next Burpee)
6 Barbell Push Presses (95#)
7 AbMat Sit Ups
8 Hang Power Cleans (95#)
9EA Jumping Lunges (Switch in the air & just a slight jump off the ground)
10 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls (95#)
11 Toes 2 Bar
12 Calorie Sprint on the Rower

You will start round 1 with just 1 Wall Walk, then round 2 will be 2 Power Snatches & 1 Wall Walk, then round 3 will be 3 Strict Chin Ups, 2 Power Snatches & 1 Wall Walk… Keep moving down the list of movements, adding one new movement at a time until you get all the way to the row sprint at the end…

There was a 30 minute time cap and the only person to finish in the 30 minutes (out of probably 30 people) was my cousin.

I finished 10 day and got through 4 push presses on the 11th day. I felt great throughout the workout but I paced myself too slowly. I could’ve easily finished the workout (not in the 30 minutes) had I kept going past the time cap, so I know I had plenty of energy to finish with. It was both encouraging and discouraging because I didn’t feel as if I pushed hard enough. Recovery was quick again after.