It’s late, but here’s a short reaction for yesterday. I ate dinner around 4:30pm (leftovers) because I went to a graduation party and birthday party that night. At the graduation party it was really hard because there weren’t really any paleo options for snacks (just veggies). By about 8pm I was really hungry but knew I wouldn’t be able to eat for a few more hours because we were going out to the bars for a birthday. At the bars I had a couple glasses of whiskey on the rocks (I know, not completely paleo, but better than beer) and a tequila shot. By the time we got home I was super hungry and even a little bit on edge because of it. Basically the lesson learned is to bring your own snacks if you know you’re going to be away from home for awhile- I learned this the hard way.

Overall yesterday went really well though. I didn’t feel too sluggish and had pretty consistent energy. I feel much healthier eating paleo and really like it so far.