Complex of:

  • 5 Push Presses/Jerks
  • 5 Front Squats
  • 5 Thrusters

Complete 1 complex every 4 minutes for 6 total rounds. Start at 60% max thruster and work way up each complex.

Round 1: 95lb complex; pretty easy going through this round, all reps felt good.

Round 2: 115lb complex; yep, too big of a jump. All of the reps felt fine but I could tell that I would regret it in the later rounds.

Round 3: 125lb complex; able to get all of these reps, barely.

Round 4: 125lb complex; failed after 2 thrusters. Shoulders just didn’t have the strength for it after the push jerks and front squats.

Round 5: 115lb complex; failed after 4 thrusters. I should have done the fifth, it was a lack of mental toughness but I think my body definitely could’ve handled it. Oh well.

Round 6: 115lb complex; failed after 2 (I think? Maybe 3) thrusters. I was just dead at this point. Each movement kept taking longer and longer and I should’ve taken my time but was trying to push too fast.

After the six rounds were over…..

4 rounds of-

Hollow Hold for 20 seconds
Right side Star Bridge for 20 seconds
Left side Star Bridge for 20 seconds

Overall I felt good during the workout. The huge jump from 95-115lb really messed me up though and I would’ve performed much better had I not been so ambitious. I recovered very quickly afterward which made me think I didn’t work hard enough, but it also could be because my diet is helping me recover faster (let’s hope it’s the latter).