I was a bit more sluggish today but I think that has to do with it being an off day; working out always wakes me up. Breakfast and lunch were just leftovers, but I got a lot of variety with dinner. I’ve lost a couple pounds in the past couple days but that may just be water weight, it’s something to keep an eye on. So far I still like the paleo diet a lot.

Day 2 Ratings:

Energy:  6/10 (1 being dead tired; 10 being off the walls energetic)

  • I slept for a really long time last night and still felt a bit tired throughout the day. Nothing impairing, but definitely noticeable. I should have done some active rest exercise to wake me up during the day but didn’t; now I know.

Mood: 7/10 (1 being very sad; 10 being overjoyed)

  • Still no real changes in mood. During dinner I was a little annoyed because I kept thinking about getting something off the buffet and then would realize I couldn’t have it. It’s hard to follow the diet when you’re presented with so many other good (yet bad?) options like Chinese food and pizza.

Hunger: 7/10 (1 being starving throughout day; 10 being fully satiated)

  • Throughout the day I wasn’t really hungry at all, but about an hour after dinner I got hungry again. I think it’s because I didn’t eat enough fat and protein. Next time I will up my portions if I go out (I don’t know why I didn’t, it was a freaking buffet).

So overall a couple of the ratings went down today. I wouldn’t say it’s discouraging but if they keep dropping it may become so. I figured there would be a day where I would just kind of drag on and maybe that day was today. Overall I still feel way healthier from eating such a clean diet.