A bit of a late night snack, made a bunch of these earlier today:

Fat Guacamole Devils (http://www.marksdailyapple.com/fat-guacamole-devils/#axzz2nroWcUff)

Snack Day 2

They were really good. I’m not a huge fan of deviled eggs but these tasted more like avocado than anything thing else. I added a lot of hot sauce to give it some extra kick.

Day 2 Reaction:

Today went well, nothing really of note to report. I haven’t noticed any real differences since starting. I really like the variety that paleo has added to my diet though. While it is inconvenient to cook as much as I have to (if it wasn’t Christmas break it’d be too much) I do enjoy the dishes I get to eat.

Day 2 Ratings:

Energy:  7/10 (1 being dead tired; 10 being off the walls energetic)

  • Felt pretty normal energy-wise throughout the day. I haven’t felt overly tired or overly energetic, just steady energy.

Mood: 7/10 (1 being very sad; 10 being overjoyed)

  • Like yesterday there isn’t much to say about this. The variety of foods and being able to try new things has put me in a good mood because it’s a nice change from my normal diet.

Hunger: 8/10 (1 being starving throughout day; 10 being fully satiated)

  • I didn’t feel much hunger throughout the day. From my afternoon snack to dinner I felt a little hungry (approx. 4 hours in between), but that’s because I didn’t plan on cooking the sloppy joe’s for an hour so I had to wait longer to eat than I wanted.

Quality of Workout: 8/10 (1 being a horrible workout; 10 being a fantastic workout)

  • Today was a great workout; I like these one’s because you can get more out of it and really push yourself. I didn’t feel any more fatigued than normal, and actually felt as if I recovered from workout to workout faster which is great. I didn’t notice any changes in strength. After the workout I was pretty dead tired but was able to recover and felt great after that.