3 workouts back-to-back, if finished before the 10 minute cut-off rest until next workout
Workout #1
For Time:
60 Weighted Burpees (45# Plate)
**10 Minute Cut-off**
Time: 6:03
Workout #2
3 Rounds For Time:
20 Kettlebell Swings (53#)
15 Chest2Bar Pull-ups
**10 Minute Cut-off**
Time: 9:55
Workout #3
For Time:
30 Dumbbell Snatch Alternating(55#)
**10 Minute Cut-off**
Time: 5:35
This was the first true Crossfit workout I’ve done since starting paleo. Energy-wise and strength-wise I didn’t feel much of a difference compared to workouts on my regular diet. It was an incredibly hard workout but there wasn’t a point where I thought I couldn’t finish it, so I definitely had the energy for it throughout.