Overall, today went really well. It was a good introduction to the Paleo way of eating. I enjoyed everything I ate and liked the variety it provided. So far I haven’t noticed any real changes in energy or mood, but it’s obviously still early. I haven’t had any problems with hunger as of yet.

Day 1 Ratings:

Energy:  7/10 (1 being dead tired; 10 being off the walls energetic)

  • If anything I had more energy throughout the day today than usual. This could also be due to greater stimulation all day since I’m back home for the first time since August.

Mood: 7/10 (1 being very sad; 10 being overjoyed)

  • Nothing much to say here; I didn’t feel any different mood wise. I’m interested to see if this will change and if I’ll start getting short with people or annoyed with them.

Hunger: 8/10 (1 being starving throughout day; 10 being fully satiated)

  • Overall I wasn’t very hungry throughout the day. About an hour after my workout I could tell I needed some sustenance but other than that when I had my meals I wasn’t “dying” to eat.

Quality of Workout: 7/10 (1 being a horrible workout; 10 being a fantastic workout)

  • It was a good workout today, albeit an easy one. Since I have just started paleo I don’t think the quality of my workout would have been any different even if I had my regular diet this morning. Since I don’t have any baseline for future workouts (it’s always varied) I will just end up commenting on things like how the workout made me feel (tired, sick, energetic, etc) and if I felt it was too hard or if it was too easy.